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Jodi Miller Psychotherapy

MEd Psychology; Registered Psychotherapist

Over the last 20 years I have been working with youth and families both in Canada and abroad. I began my journey working as a pre-school and elementary teacher in South Africa and England.  As my desire to learn more about the psychological factors impacting growth and development grew I went on to study psychology. I continued my journey focusing on child and adolescent mental health and qualified and worked as a psychologist in South Africa before relocating to Canada. My passion is to nurture the emotional well-being of children and adolescents  through relationship and connection. As an extension of my commitment to working with children and adolescents, I also provide psychotherapy to adults, parents and families. I currently work as a Registered Psychotherapist in the public and private sectors assessing and treating children, adolescents and adults experiencing a diverse range of challenges. My hope as a therapist is to create a safe space for healing and a place to be heard and understood. I continue to be motivated by people's capacity to grow, form positive relationships, to heal and to thrive.

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You have a voice to be heard

Being heard & understood is the gateway to healing



Giving children a voice through play

Children naturally communicate through play. This is a way of gaining insight into a child's inner world, anxieties and troubles. Through careful engagement with the child, their thoughts, feelings and behaviours can be explored in a non-threatening, age appropriate, creative and positive way.

Individual Therapy

Talk therapy for older children and adults

Being heard is often the gateway to overcoming some of life's most difficult challenges. From life changes to more complex trauma, talk therapy can help to  gain insight  into our inner world and patterns of behaviour. This is key to working through life's challenges and creating positive change. Talk therapy can be beneficial for adolescents, and adults.

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Family Therapy

Family matters

The family system is particularly significant in emotional well-being and optimal development. Conflict within the family can often cause multiple layers of distress and can result in varying consequences. Family therapy engages with these conflicts in a safe and nurturing environment that provides a space for all family members to be heard.

Parent-Infant Psychotherapy

Fostering the parent-infant relationship

It can happen that parents find it difficult to understand and connect with their babies. This is far more common than one might think. Excessive crying, difficulty feeding and exhaustion can be overwhelming and disrupt parent and baby's bonding. Parent-infant psychotherapy engages with this with mom and /or dad and baby together in the room.



Understanding and building relationships with children and Adolescents

Parent work equips parents with an understanding of how their children or adolescents develop and what their needs are across different developmental life stages. Parent work helps parents to attune to and connect with their children to improve relationships. This promotes more positive behaviours and overall mental health.

Persona doll groups

Emotional literacy groups for kindergarten

These groups are designed for younger children. The children interact in small groups together with the therapist and a life size doll or puppet. The doll helps the children verbalize their feelings and develop social skills which aims to reduce acting-out behaviors. The small group situation helps children feel less isolated by knowing that other children might also be having similar feelings to them. The group helps to normalize children's emotions which reduces anxiety and helps children to feel contained.

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